Grammarly Review (2021) | Is Grammarly Worth it?

Grammarly is indeed the best Grammar checker tool only. An in-depth review is made on the software which is as under:

Grammarly Review | Accuracy

Grammarly can be used in almost all my daily writing work for over one year and got the sense of its helpfulness in terms of sorting out my grammatical errors. Grammarly easily sorts basic errors including comma and spelling mistakes, which are the most repeated type of errors in drafting a document. Grammarly outperforms Microsoft Word free grammar checker in terms of correcting and detecting issues. The investment which you’ll make in this software is absolutely necessary if you are concerned with your writing errors and want to fix them forever.

The demo document is used to check the accuracy of the Grammarly software and the snapshot of the results obtained is shown below:

As you see there were five mistakes which I made while writing the document and these were the errors highlighted by the Grammarly free version. But these were not the only errors, you can check the below snapshot to see the other high-level errors in the document:

There were 18 alerts and 13 further errors which can be sorted out by switching the software to the Grammarly PREMIUM version.

So the basic grammatical errors can be removed with the usage of Grammarly free version, but if you want to rectify almost all the grammatical errors from the document, then you must switch to PREMIUM plan.

Grammarly offers a free version, which is somehow useful to remove the basic grammatical errors, but the company wants you to upgrade towards the features which you are missing. The free version also gets you the feel regarding the other issues in the work. Grammarly wants you to upgrade the plan to premium in order to fully utilize the benefits offered by the company.

Recommendation: Don’t install Grammarly if you don’t have any plans to upgrade to PREMIUM because they’ll continuously remind you to upgrade the package for fully use their services and definitely PREMIUM service is far better than the free one offers by the company.

Once you’ve signed up for the free version, Grammarly begins sending you emails for discounts on the premium plan, so I also recommend waiting for those before you upgrade to the full price option.

Grammarly Review | Editing

There is the need of enabling the session when the bigger document is composed and you want to fix it via Grammarly. I also did the same while testing the editing functionality of the tool. Grammarly highlights the error with the underline and also suggests the replacement word with the explanation. I find it extremely helpful for my own understanding and it also improves the sentence structure. Grammarly functions like reminders and it’s not well-versed to learn grammar and punctuation.

There is the option available to upload the document in the free version of Grammarly and you can check it in the snapshot taken below:

When you log in to your free account, there will be 3 buttons appear on the top left sidebar vertically and I selected the middle one as highlighted by yellow to upload the document. After uploading the document, Grammarly showed me the “Set goals” approach in which I selected the tags according to which I want Grammarly to analyze my document.

In this, you’ll get the most accurate and relevant corrections for the specific writing situation if you’ll switch to the PREMIUM plan.

You can see in the above snapshot that the free version of Grammarly even offers suggestions with the alerts regarding the basic mistakes in the writing. There are 123 alerts which I corrected using the free version of Grammarly, but, you see there are more than 175 further errors in the document which can only be fixed if I switched to the PREMIUM plan.

The conclusion here is that Grammarly corrects 50% of the errors from the document when you are using the free version. So the best way to correct and fix all the grammatical errors in the work is to use Grammarly PREMIUM.

The premium version offers infinite benefits with one of them regarding the weekly status updates which will let you know about your performance. The updates will also tell you about the total words which you have checked in a week with the tops errors which you have made.

With Grammarly, it’s best to wait until you finish composing before you check for errors. Even though it is better at checking your work as you go than any other program, there’s a lag in its ability to register when you’re fixing typos on your own. As such, you’ll want to wait to click through the review rather than try to edit within the text box or digital document.

Grammarly Review | User Interface

There are 3 main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) on which Grammarly works fine when you are using it online. The main factor which attracts most of the users is its user interface which makes it extremely easy for everyone to use the tool.

You can see that there is the left sidebar which offers Account Setting, Apps, Premium Packages and Logout option. On the main screen, you see there is the enabling Grammarly button which will help you to integrate your Grammarly with Gmail, Twitter, and Microsoft Office. Whereas, if you have documents in bulk and you want to revert back to any particular document, there is a search toolbar which will assist you in locating the document.

Grammarly marks the errors with red underline which is fairly easier to see and rectify. The application of Grammarly is not intrusive, unlike other grammar checking tools.

Grammarly user interface is dependent on the two different offerings which include:

  • Browser Extension (Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox)
  • Grammarly Editor (Web App)

Browser Extension: It is the most awesome feature of Grammarly in which the user can start using Grammarly without bothering the signup process. The user in this manner is also saved from providing any personal information (though Grammarly claims the privacy to be 100% secure) but still the user can use Grammarly with no hassle because of their browser extension. The feature of guest checkout definitely assisted in the e-commerce industry to drive more sales which ultimately results in driving more revenue. Grammarly works in the similar manner on their browser extension and it definitely assisted them in growing their user base rapidly. With the free version of the Grammarly, you can get yourself familiar with the tools and its accuracy. After that, you can definitely switch to their premium plan.

Grammarly Editor: The Grammarly Editor is simple to use and all the settings can be managed while working online and it also saves your documents in their database. Grammarly company is also offering an android application which will assist in checking the grammar with considerable easiness.

Grammarly Review | Customization

There are two options from which you can select your genre and these are related to British or American English. It is extremely helpful because there are different tones can be used while writing for different audiences, and it’s helpful that Grammarly can adapt to various types of projects.

You can also easily ignore the suggestions which the software itself offers as sometimes there are wrong suggestions by the software and you can review them before updating it with the software. This is the rare case and usually happens 0.001 times. There is an option of adding words in the dictionary and it is useful in case if you are using any rare term for an internal audience.

Grammarly Review | Pricing

Grammarly offers many additional functions as compared to its peers but we find it a bit pricey as well. For the premium version, it costs $29.95 monthly but if you pay upfront for the whole year, it will give you an instant discount of $18.29 and you’ll only be charged with $11.66 per month.

Recommendation: If you are a seasoned writer or student, go for a yearly plan. It’ll save your pocket with the amount of $220 annually. You can always start with the monthly version and then switch towards the yearly package as there is no such restriction in the offerings.

If you are running a team of writers, there is the business version as well which will let your 3 members’ access to the Grammarly business account with the cost of just $15 per month.

Grammarly Review | Support

There is 24 hours support offer from the Grammarly which is only for the registered subscribers. This can be done via request feature. There are the searchable FAQ pages in case you are not able to find the answer which will then lead you towards submitting a ticket. The Grammarly service usually responds within a day and I tested it in business hours which resulted in getting the response in 15 minutes from the team.

Grammarly Review | Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker announced by Grammarly can easily detect plagiarism from over a billion web pages as well as from other academic databases. Their free plagiarism checker let you either your content contains duplicate elements in it or not. The Grammarly plagiarism checker highlights areas where the citations are needed and gives the feedback along with the resources which is required to properly credit the relevant sources.

The plagiarism checker “Grammarly Plagiarism Checker” tool is the advanced robust mechanism which enables the checking of plagiarism within your document and gives you other advanced errors like spelling and grammar errors as well as issuing complex stylist issues such as word choice, tone, conciseness and more.

What is Plagiarism?

According to various authentic sources, copying someone work without their prior permission is under the banner of plagiarism. It doesn’t matter if you do it intentionally or not. Various states consider this act as serious crime and there are penalties which one could face in case of getting caught in such miserable act. More and more universities are putting their attention towards plagiarism free work and it results in an increasing demand of plagiarism checker tools online. Grammarly plagiarism checker is very much famous in numerous American universities. Grammarly is an Award winning software which ensures plagiarism free work and identify the content in your work which is not 100 percent original.

The plagiarism checker initially designed by “Grammarly” is for helping students to get good grades by using their free tool and write exceptional assignments, thesis, etc. However, because of the increase in demand, they further optimized the tool for writers and blogger who wish and want to create original, fresh and plagiarism-free content.

Why Grammarly Plagiarism Checker?

This can be more realistic if taking an example of daily life on it. Suppose you wrote a paper and you wrote a line which seems to be familiar. There is a fact that you might read this line somewhere on the internet or in one of your books. If so, then it means you have triggered the plagiarism in your paper. You might have ignored this line, but after writing few more lines you have found another line which seems to be familiar with what you have read somewhere. Now the consent is becoming more serious and you want to make it clear either you did plagiarism or not. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is the ultimate solution for it. Just use the free tool if you want to get an idea of plagiarism in your document.

How Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Work?

Grammarly online plagiarism checker compares the uploaded text with over 16 billion web pages and other academic resources stored in various internet databases. You’ll surely get the plagiarism alert as soon as your text matches with something written online or in a database.

There is an instant report generates as soon as you check plagiarism using Grammarly’s free online plagiarism checker. Not only this, it will also highlight other writing issues in your document. There plagiarism checker even able to detect and flag specific sentences in case if you are using their Premium plagiarism checker. It also provides overall originality score for the document, and offers other advanced writing corrections and feedback across various other dimensions.

This plagiarism checker ensures that the work which you would check for plagiarism would remain private. Their plagiarism checker will delete the work from their database as soon as you are done with the plagiarism checking. There checker is designed in a such a manner that no other plagiarism detecting softwares will be able to see your text.

Who can use Grammarly Plagiarism Checker?

It doesn’t really matter if you are a student or a full time writer or blogger, you can always take advantage from Grammarly Plagiarism Checker. This plagiarism checker is also beneficial for the teacher to check and grade papers, or if you are interested in writing original blog post for your website. This Grammarly Plagiarism Checker will definitely save your time and will assist you in an excellent manner to avoid mistakes while writing.

Grammarly Review | Trustpilot User Feedback

There are also the users feedback taken from 3rd party service which is Trustpilot. The snapshots are shown below.

Credit: Trustpilot

Grammarly Review | Sitejabber User Feedback

There is another site which allows Grammarly users to give their feedback. Some of the feedback obtained from Sitejabber is present below:

Source: SiteJabber

Grammarly FAQs

Who Owns Grammarly?

Grammarly Inc. is a California based company which provide assistance in online grammar and spelling checking which improves communication by assisting people to find and rectifying writing errors. Grammarly Inc. is 11 years old company and its foundation was laid back in the year 2008.

Is Grammarly Worth it?

Yes. If you are regular writer or do blogging and have continuous writing work flow then Grammarly Premium is the best choice for you.

Is Grammarly Free?

Yes. Grammarly have free version but it is better to take premium version to fully capitalize the software usage. There was the comparison made between the free and premium versions of Grammarly on the same document. It resulted that PREMIUM version is most accurate with fixing the issues in the text by almost 99%.

Is Grammarly Safe?

Yes. It’s absolutely safe and free as well. We tested the Grammarly safety and concluded it with the following 4 points:

  • Review Grammarly Privacy Policy on usual basis (However, they always claim to not sell or share your data with any third party company).
  • Disable Grammarly Web Extensions.
  • Set strong password and keep changing it frequently.
  • Contact Grammarly Support in case any security flaw occurs.

Is Grammarly Safe for Plagiarism?

Yes. Grammarly has strong database from which it checks the document which you submit and match against it. Most of the time, you’ll get accurate plagiarism test from Grammarly.

Is Grammarly Chrome Safe?

Yes. There is no harm to use Grammarly with Chrome. Yes. It’s safe but make sure to disable other extensions clearly before using it with Chrome. It is also recommended to contact the support team before the integration process.

How to Add Grammarly to Word?

You can add Grammarly to word with the version of Grammarly MS Office Ad-in and it is available on the official website of Grammarly. It is very much easy to add process with no knowledge of programming whatsoever.

How to Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is very simple and easy to use. You just need to run your document on Grammarly in case if you are using Chrome version and it’ll automatically show you the errors in the text. There is not any technical or scientific knowledge needed to run this awesome grammar checker tool.

How to Get Grammarly for Free?

Grammarly offers free version but with limited usability and accuracy. It is always recommended to use Grammarly PREMIUM. You can sign up to PREMIUM with this link which will give you instant 30% discount.

Our Feedback

Grammarly is indeed a helpful tool while using online or offline. Their premium package is excellent and extremely helpful for those who aren’t even confident with their writing abilities. This adds few more steps in your writing process but it’s worth checking.

As an Independent product and software reviewer company, we strongly suggest you try their monthly premium package plan and judge yourself with the services which the company is offering. We won’t suggest the free tool as it only allows to rectify 50% errors in the document and still the document will remain with 50% more errors. Grammarly premium works as another set of eyes to check your work and it will surely improve your work resulting in getting better results.

It is always nice to not miss a comma while writing a professional email or posting something related to business on social platforms. Its price doesn’t matter if you are writing enthusiast and want to get the perfect grammar.

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“Grammarly Review | Why Should You Buy It?” is an independent review based on the testing and user experience. There were the analysis and research conducted on each tool appropriately before composing and publishing them online. So, it can be concluded that the Grammarly is worth your time and money only if you are conscious enough with your English and want to fix almost 99% errors by using Grammarly Premium.

Let us know your experience and your thoughts about “Grammarly” in the comments section!

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