WhiteSmoke Vs Grammarly

WhiteSmoke Vs Grammarly | Head to Head Comparison [2022]

(Last updated: 7th April February 2022)

This comparison between Whitesmoke and Grammarly is done on Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons. The Infographic is also prepared on the comparison “WhiteSmoke Vs Grammarly”:

WhiteSmoke Vs Grammarly



In comparison ‘WhiteSmoke Vs Grammarly’, Grammarly is a remarkable solution for those who work on the internet and they think that they write brilliant English but they do not. They do grammatical mistakes as well. It is important for a person to first sort out the mistakes and then send the entire message or stuff to the required person. Grammarly is widely used by bloggers, writers, students, and social media users in the world. Grammarly works like Google Docs. It allows editing the mistakes online. It provides protection to the data through its cloud management. It marks your mistakes with an underline and asks you to correct them. It has genre-specific writing styles like it provides different writing styles according to the various fields. It has a plagiarism checker which helps to check the plagiarism on your content. It detects plagiarism on the content easily and works like TurnItIn and Copyscape. It provides vocabulary suggestions as well. It has some more features as well like grammar checker, browser extension, proofreading services, vocabulary enhancement, checking the writing styles, plagiarism checker, MS Word integration, and Grammarly discount. Grammarly provides an extension for MS Word which clearly shows your mistakes whenever you do while writing. It also shows your mistakes while writing Facebook comments. Simply whenever you write wrong, it shows your mistakes with an underline.

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There are 5 new exciting features that Grammarly included are tone detector, mobile synonyms, The Grammarly Editor, Consistency, and Clarity & Readability.

How Does Grammarly Works?

It has a simple user interface. You can copy-and-paste your text on the new page of Grammarly. Once the text is pasted, Grammarly starts to analyze it for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, conciseness, writing style and tone, punctuation, repeated words, and so on. 

Grammarly also suggests rephrasing sentences to make them more readable. Moreover, it provides you with an option to “adjust goals” at the time of uploading the content to get suitable writing suggestions for your audience and set goals.

Grammarly Integrations:

  • Genre-specific Writing Styles: Grammarly is a lot more advanced tool than WhiteSmoke. How? It has different writing styles for a general and specific genre and niches such as marketing, scriptwriting, blog posts, technical, creative writing, job applicants, ESL, medical, and business. This technology is based to find accurate structural and grammatical corrections regarding your topic and specifications.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Grammarly has an in-built integration of plagiarism checker in its software which compares your text against the text of 160 Billion web pages for greater accuracy. However, it lacks a database to scan your text with the previous ones to detect cheating and copy-pasting. For this reason, many teachers prefer other professional plagiarism checkers.
  • Vocabulary Suggestion: Grammarly is so smart in offering you the best vocabulary suggestions and word choices that match your content.

With each passing day, Grammarly works on building new features which bring a lot more value to its users. Grammarly conquers the trust of its users with ultimate support and additional features with each timely upgrade.

Winner: Grammarly


Grammarly can be downloaded for free. Its free extension is available on the internet but with limited features. It shows the grammatical and spelling mistakes only when you go for the free version. If you want to use it more and need more help, you should buy any of the two packages. Grammarly has two packages. One is named Grammarly Free Trial and the second one is Premium. You can buy both of them according to your feasibility.

Both packages have the same prices. You can subscribe to any of the packages with three solutions.

Get a Monthly Package for $29.95

Get a Quarterly Package for $19.98

Get an Annual Package for $11.66


Grammarly has many advantages. It provides numerous advantages to its users like Grammarly extension on MS word documents and your internet browsers like Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. It has a Mac app that can be easily used on mobile phones. It has a word add-on, a built-in plagiarism checker, and context-specific grammar checking. Plus, profiles are based on the writing genre in this system.

Winner: Grammarly

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It has a problem that really annoys its users. It does not work if it is not connected to the internet. It only gives help when you have an internet connection at home. Without an internet connection, it never helps. Grammarly should launch an offline extension that should help its users even without an internet connection.

Winner: Tie

Grammarly Overview:

Overall, Grammarly is a good option for those people who are bloggers or university students. This technology is just super great as it helps every kind of person perfectly. It teaches you and points out your mistakes. It helps you in writing the correct spelling, structure, style, and punctuation. It also helps to detect plagiarism issues on the content. It lacks one thing only and that is its absence when there is no internet connection at home. It should have the ability to work even without an internet connection as this technology is helpful in every way.



Whitesmoke works like Grammarly. It has different features from detecting your mistakes to correcting them. It has suitable features like grammar checker, style checker, WhiteSmoke translator, punctuation checker, WhiteSmoke anywhere, WhiteSmoke writer, WhiteSmoke discount, plagiarism checker, etc. A grammar checker helps to detect the grammatical mistakes that you do while writing. Style checker helps you to write English in the correct format. It takes care of the structure. Whitesmoke translator helps to translate the language. A punctuation checker really helps in writing a thesis or assignment. It perfectly points out the punctuation mistakes and helps in securing good scores in the test. Whitesmoke anywhere allows you to write like writing on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, it will point out your mistake automatically. You can easily download and add the extension to your browser through settings. It helps the Whitesmoke to take full responsibility for your writings on different platforms. Whitesmoke discount provides several discounts to its monthly users. Plagiarism checker is one of the most important features that work like Copyscape and TurnItIn. Indeed, this feature is not so efficient as Copyscape and TurnItIn but it tries its best and detects copied or duplicate content. It helps to detect plagiarism with proper references.

How does WhiteSmoke Works?

The process to use WhiteSmoke is very handy. You can have it’s online (chrome, firefox, and opera extension) as well if you are not using the WhiteSmoke mobile app.

Paste your text on the new page of WhiteSmoke. As soon as the text is pasted, it started searching for grammatical errors, writing style issues, punctuation, rephrasing, and spelling mistakes.

The tool uses various colors for corrections where needed, such as red color for spelling, green for grammatical mistakes, and blue for improving writing style.

WhiteSmoke Integrations:

  • Grammar Checker: The Grammar Checker feature helps to find out several important grammatical mistakes in your text. It highlights incorrect capitalizations, fragments, missing words, typos, and incomplete sentences.
  • Spell Checker: This feature is integrated with a huge database of thousands of new and old words with their correct spellings, to help find you the correct spellings for your spelling mistakes.
  • Style Checker: Where your text is highlighted blue, those parts need to get a better version of the writing style as suggested by the WhiteSmoke. WhiteSmoke compares your writing styles with many other samples to enhance your write-ups.
  • Punctuation Checker: It also identifies the places for the missing punctuations and corrects the incorrect ones for high-level accuracy.
  • WhiteSmoke Translator: It works on a Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology which is equipped with the ability to translate the words in an appropriate way that best suits your writing style and tone of the text.


Like Grammarly, Whitesmoke comes with three main packages. It offers different packages according to the requirements.

The first package is known as Essential. It is an ideal choice for those writers or bloggers who have just started their careers in the field of blogging or writing. It is also good for the students. It starts with only $4.16/month.

The second package is known as Premium. It is of moderate level and advanced than the previous package. It is a remarkable choice for those writers who are doing well at writing. It is beneficial for the bloggers who post blogs on their websites to earn money through traffic. It costs $6.67/month.

The third package is known as Business. It is suitable for business classes like content writing firms or company etc. Its single license can be used on 3 computer systems only. It starts from $11.50/month.

Winner: Whitesmoke

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Whitesmoke has many advantages. Its users provide these advantages like statistical machine translation (SMT) technology, built-in plagiarism checker, WhiteSmoke extension, and excellent compatibility with various smartphones and browsers. Although it comes with many features still Grammarly facilitates much to its users than Whitesmoke due to its simple but useful features.


Like Grammarly, it also does not work when there is no internet connection at your home or office. It totally depends upon the internet. The same suggestion goes to Whitesmoke that they should launch an offline extension to help the users when they are not having internet facilities at their homes or offices.

Winner: Tie

Whitesmoke Overview:

Whitesmoke has some advanced features like statistical machine translator (SMT), Mac app, etc. but it should add more features like Grammarly. Its features are absolutely amazing undoubtedly but Grammarly is more user-friendly than Whitesmoke. There is one thing that must be added to this technology is an offline extension that allows its users to work even without an internet connection. This is useful and almost every user requires it as that is committed to writing.

WhiteSmoke Vs Grammarly: Conclusion

If we talk about features in the comparison of “WhiteSmoke Vs Grammarly” then both of the technologies have excellent features but still, Grammarly wins this race due to its user-friendly features. Comparing the prices of both the technologies, we find that WhiteSmoke is really better than Grammarly as it is less expensive than Grammarly. After comparing the pros of both technologies, we find that Grammarly is better than WhiteSmoke due to its advanced and helpful features compared to Whitesmoke. Plus, both technologies have the same level of cons like both do not work without an internet connection. Grammarly achieves 3 stars out of 4 while Whitesmoke achieves 2 stars out of 4.

The winner is Grammarly.


Which is better WhiteSmoke Vs Grammarly?

Comparing the tools and services, Grammarly is the all-rounder best online software however, WhiteSmoke is best for its translation tool.

Is Grammarly worth having?

Yes. The premium packages are worth than the free use as it offers more accurate corrections for grammar and plagiarism.

Is WhiteSmoke Safe?

Yes. It is 100% safe and no one can access your text in their database.

Grammarly vs. WhiteSmoke Reddit reviews?

It is famous for Grammarly that it enhances writing skills and improves your style and tone whereas; WhiteSmoke is enjoyed for multilingual support.

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