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Quillbot Review | Complete Unbiased Review (2022)

(Updated: 07th April 2022)


This in-depth article is all about Quillbot Review. Quillbot is a state-of-the-art tool that would paraphrase any type of content and give you a well-written piece of writing. Quillbot is used to rephrase the content by changing its sentence structure and replacing the words with other words of similar meaning. The tool can also be used to check grammar and to improve the fluency of your work.

Quillbot doesn’t need a setup that requires you to install it on a computer but can be managed easily on the browser alone. Quillbot can be installed easily and it will take no time to process your data. There are about 10 million users of quillbot all over the world and this is only due to the efficiency and compatibility of the tool. These users are bettering their work, with the help of quillbot, in order to leave a positive impression on their clients.

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Now let’s move to the Quillbot review.


Quillbot provides the feature of plugging into the writing tools you already use. It also help in integrating directly into the Google Docs and Chrome Extension. There is no further requirement of switching windows every time you want to paraphrase text.

User Interface:

The way a person handles a product and the experience he has concerning the product is known as the user experience (UX or UV). This experience may include how user-friendly or how efficient a product or service is.

After the user has downloaded the quillbot application on their computer the first thing that strikes the user is that how user-friendly the app is. It has a number of modes, such as standard, fluency, creative, formal, shorten, expand, synonyms, etc. listed on the top. The user has to simply paste the text that needs to be corrected, in the column given and click on the function they need to be performed. And in no time they will have the updated version of the text before them.

Another thing that adds to the positive experience of the user is the compatibility of Quillbot with Google Docs and Chrome. It will integrate directly with them and there will be no need to change the windows every time the user has to correct the text. This easy access not only adds to the popularity of the application but also makes Quillbot one of the most practical tools.

Any user, without any knowledge of the computers, can use Quillbot’s editor as it’s very simple and user-friendly.

Quillbot Review


With the help of its well-designed AI, Quillbot helps to paraphrase the text in no time. It changes the sentence structure and gives such a unique look to the whole paraphrased text which makes it difficult for any plagiarism checker to detect it. And this is the very reason that Quillbot is used by millions of students, writers and other professionals all over the world.

Quillbot has a very simple and user friendly editor that can be used by professionals and non-professionals alike. Quillbot is one of the most efficient writing tool because the moment you put the text in the editor, to be corrected, you will get the corrected text in no time.


Quillbot has a number of features which makes the writing effortless and gives it an entirely new look. A complete review of these features is listed below:

  • User-Friendly Editor:

The editor of Quillbot is very simple and easy to use. Even the new-comers with no technical background at all can easily use them.

  • Web-Based:

This writing tool is web-based which makes it access easier. It does not need any particular set up but can be used at any place, any time even when the user is on the move.

  • Quill Modes:

For content quilling you can choose from the seven quill mode settings, depending on your own needs. The user should rest assured that these quill modes will improve the quality of their content and take it entirely to the next level.

  • Extensions and Add-Ons:

This writing tool comes with many extensions and add-ons like Google Crome, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.

  • Summarizer:

This feature of Quillbot highlights the central features and the most important points of the paragraph.

  • Word Flipper:

This feature of Quillbot is really very useful as it tells about the number of words, in your paragraph, that have synonyms in their place.

  • API:

The user can apply the functions of the API in the work.

The software of Quillbot comes with two products which have different functions to perform. These two tools are the Paraphrasing and the Summarizer tool.

Paraphrasing Tool:

Quillbot’s paraphrasing tool gives you a lot of new ideas. The software will help the user to paraphrase their work in seven different modes. Each mode facilitates the user to paraphrase the content according to the requirement. These different modes are listed below:

  • Standard Mode: This rephrasing mode is already there when you download Quillbot. The best thing about this mode is that it will rewrite your content while at the same time tries trying to keep the style and context of the user.
  • Fluency Mode: In this mode when you rephrase some text, Quillbot attempts to remove the grammatical errors. With all the grammatical mistakes removed, the fluency of the content is improved.
Quillbot Paraphrasing tool
  • Creative Mode: When the user puts some text to be paraphrased this mode will make the maximum changes in the text. It will try to write the text again with a number of new expressions. However the accuracy of this mode is quite low.
  • Creative+ Mode: Although it performs the same functions as the creative mode but it will change more sections of your text. However it will write the text again in a more creative way.
Quillbot Review
  • Formal Mode: This mode is used to give a more official look to the text. Most of the parts of the content are written again in a more formal and official writing.
  • Shorten Mode: This mode will summarize your work and give you a shorter, more concise version of your text.
  • Expand Mode: This mode of the paraphrasing tool, is used to achieve an elongated version of your text. It will replace some of the words with more simple and lengthy sentences.

These first three modes can be used by downloading the free Quillbot version. While the rest of the modes are found in the premium version of Quillbot.

Summarizer Tool:

This tool of Quillbot is used to give a shorter version of any text and to give the main idea to the user. The Summarizer shortens the paragraphs, sentences or the complete text and gives you the important points.

The Summarizer will work in exactly the same way as the paraphraser tool. When the user pastes the text, that has to be summarized, in the required column and click on the summarizing feature, the user will get the summary of the text in two different ways:

  1. As a single paragraph,
  2. In a number of important sentences.
  • Key Sentences: When the user pastes the content, to be corrected, in the editor this mode takes the writing and changes it into the most important sentences. The user can use the summary length slider to control the number of sentences.
  • Paragraph: In this mode the text is summarized into a paragraph. And like this the user gets a text that contains all the important points. However the length of the paragraph can be controlled by the summary length slider.

In order to achieve more accuracy the user can further paraphrase the summaries of the text.

Quillbot Grammar Checking Tool:

With their constant endeavours Quillbot’s team has added many new features to the writing tool. One of the recently added feature is the Quillbot Grammar Checking Tool. The moment the user pastes the text, for correction, in the editor the tool will identify all the grammatical and punctuation errors. All the errors will be highlighted with a red line and can be corrected by clicking the ‘Fix All’ button.

Quillbot Review


This writing tool comes with two versions: Quillbot Free Version and Quillbot Premium Version.

QuillBot Free Version:

This free version has no time limit and will be free always. Through this version the user gets access to a number of things but with some limitations. These features are as follows:

  • The Free Version will the user access to the three quill modes: Standard, Fluency and Creative.
  • The user will get four hundred characters paraphrased in one go.
  • The user will get three synonyms to change any word.
  • The characters that are to be summarized cannot be more than five thousand.
  • The tool has complete compatibility with Google Chrome and Google Docs Extension.

Quillbot Premium Version:

The premium plans of Quillbot, though they have to be bought, are quite affordable. There is yet another positive point that as you go on to buy higher paid plans you will have to pay less. The three premium plans are given below:

  • Monthly Plan: The charges for one month are $14.95.
  • Semi-Annual Plan: If you go for the Semi-Annual Plan that is six months, you will pay the fee $59.95 which is $9.99 per month.
  • Annual Plans: If you want to buy a plan for the whole year then the fee is $79.95 which is $6.67 for a month.

Quillbot also gives you a three day money-back guarantee. If within three days you are not satisfied with the tool’s premium plan you are entitled to get your money refunded.

Quillbot Citation Generator:

APA, MLA, and Chicago formats are being utilized with full and in-text citations in a snap.

There are new citation generator which is the easy and fast way for making citations for the documents, presentations, and essays.

APA Citation

APA stands for American Psychological Association, and the APA format was utilized in Education, Psychology, Engineering, Business, and some sciences. Full citations are listed on the References page in APA format and it rather than Bibliography page or Works Cited.

MLA Format

MLA specifically stands for the modern language association and is particularly utilized for citing sources in the Humanities, including language, philosphy, history. The MLA citation was particularly being utilized for Language and Literature and it was quickly adopted from other disciplines under the umbrella of Humanities. Works Cited Page are being used for the full citations in MLA format.

Chicago Style Citation

Chicago style citations are particularly being utilized in Fine Arts, Anthropology, and select others.

Customer Support:

Quillbot has a very sound customer support system with a well-trained and efficient service team. The users of this tool is sure to get a quick and helpful response to any of their queries. The customer support team has set up two different methods.

  • User Support Channels: Quillbot has given its customers a wide range of support material by setting up a blog and FAQ page. The user can also get help by sending a message ticket to the customer service team. The customers also have the option of sending mail on the two office addresses given by the customer service team.
  • Feedback on the Performance: This feature will help the user to send their opinions on certain issues they face. The users can also send their suggestions to improve the tool.

Some of the reviews of Quillbot on Trustpilot:

Quillbot Trustpilot
Trustpilot review
Quillbot Review

Final Thoughts

As we have understood after going over this review, using a rephrasing tool will not only save a lot of time but will also help in making your writing more concise and presentable. And Quillbot has known to be very good at this. In a very short span of time Quillbot has gained great popularity and this is due to the services that this tool offers. So because of the good quality that this tool offers, because of the free plans that this tool has to offer and because of the affordability and the competitive rates of the paid plans. And the biggest plus point of this tool is that the user can first use the free version, and if it is suitable to their needs, they can then upgrade the plan.

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Quillbot Support Different Languages?

Yes and No. You can upload or paste text in a non-English language. Their Paraphraser tool will translate and deliver output in English language.

Does Quillbot prevent plagiarism?

Quillbot help in restructuring sentences for preventing the verbatism plagiarism and duplication in an article. It can help handle word-by-word paraphrasing without changing the sentence meaning.


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