PrePostSEO Vs CheckPlagiarism

PrePost SEO Vs Check Plagiarism | Which One is Better?

Check-Plagiarism & PrePostSEO are two of the best content tool providers. So, which one of them has the edge over the other?

This comparison ‘PrePostSEO Vs Check Plagiarism’ is all about comparing the primary features of both the tools. Content tools are a necessity in content creation today. Many writers rely on these AI-based assistants to help them create outstanding content, from detecting plagiarism to removing it. So, when you look for such tools, the two most common names you will find are Check-Plagiarism & PrePostSEO.

Both these tool developers have helped writers for a few years now. They are used by students, bloggers, copywriters, content writers, and content creators of all types. Both these websites offer versatility and provide a variety of tools.

But, where there is a comparison, there is a winner. So, which one of them does it better? While they’re both mostly free, they do offer premium services as well. Are they worth it? Let’s dive in and compare them.

What Does Check Plagiarism Offer?

Check-Plagiarism is a multiple tool developer. In other words, the website has many writing-related tools that you can use for multiple purposes. While Check-Plagiarism is mainly targeted toward finding plagiarism, it also offers various other handy options.

These options include Grammar Checker, Citation Generator, and Paraphrasing Tool. While the website is primarily targeted at writers and students who wish to find plagiarism, it offers a lot of options for writers of all kinds.

It offers versatility and diversity in its tools. This is the reason it has become popular among many writers and continues to grow as we speak.

What Does PrePostSEO Offer?

PrePostSEO is an all-around tool provider. While most of the tools you will find by this provider are content-centric, the developer isn’t far behind in serving various handy SEO-related tools. As the name suggests, the website acts as a complete solution for SEO writers and experts.

However, the amount of users employing this website to correct their content is just the same. This means it’s not necessarily only used by SEO writers, as writers in all facets of life use it just the same.

But, the one thing where PrePostSEO does have an edge on paper is the fact that it provides over 90 remarkable tools.

Head-To-Head Comparison

In order to have a fair comparison, it’s imperative that we compare only the content-related tools. The primary tools that you find on both these websites are very similar—in theory. In other words, when you visit both these websites, the top-advertised tools are the same.

And they look a little like this:

Check PlagiarismTools/FeaturesPrePostSEO
Yes/2000Plagiarism Checker/Word LimitYes/1000
Yes/UnlimitedParaphrasing Tool/Word LimitYes/1000
YesGrammar CheckerYes
YesCitation GeneratorYes
YesText SummarizerYes

As you can see here, both of these developers are equally poised. While check-plagiarism offers a little more word count, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will provide the same quality. That’s why we will be checking their primary tools.

However, an essential thing to understand here is that you can increase your PrePostSEO word count to 1500 by simply signing up for a free account. But, anything above that will require you to buy premium.

Plagiarism Checker Comparison

In order to understand the quality and abilities of both tools, we need to check them accordingly. Since most of the traffic generated for both these providers is because of their plagiarism checker, it’s imperative that we check them accordingly.

So, let’s put them head to head and see which one is better.


Check plagiarism offers an outstanding plagiarism finder. It has all the elements that you would look for in a viable plagiarism checker. The generous 2000-word limit is more than ideal for most types of content today.

Check Plagarism Vs PrePost SEO

So, how exactly does it check for plagiarism?

PrePost SEO Vs Check Plagiarism

Once you’ve pasted or uploaded your content, make sure you sign the captcha image before moving forward. Depending on the word count, it takes a few seconds or minutes to check the content.

This is what you see once the tool has finished checking. It’s very convenient, as it lets you explore the sentences that are unique and the ones that are not. Top of that, you can see the overall percentage of plagiarism in your writing.

Check Plagiarism Review

Furthermore, you can explore the websites where the content originated.


  • Speed: 9/10
  • Plagiarism accuracy: 8/10
  • Convenience: 10/10


PrePostSEO is perhaps the most employed free plagiarism checker available today. The 1000-word limit, alongside the developer’s reputation in the writing community, makes it the go-to option for many writers today.

The process of using this tool is just the same, as you can either choose to paste or upload the content in its editor.

PrePost SEO Review

Once you do, you can either exclude a few URLs from the bottom-left or change the language if you wish to check content in any other language.

PrePost SEO Review

Once done, we can see the plagiarism checker offers us a glimpse into the percentage of duplicity. This is much more accurate, as it says 22% instead of 18% of its counterpart. This tells us how it’s a little more accurate than the previous tool.


  • Speed: 9/10
  • Plagiarism accuracy: 10/10
  • Convenience: 10/10

Paraphrasing Tool Comparison

To check the paraphrasing abilities, we used the same content for both of these providers. Here’s how they compare against one another:

·         Check-Plagiarism

Check-plagiarism offers two types of modes in its paraphrasing tool. The first is the simple one, and the next is the AI Mode. However, choosing the latter will limit you only to 500 words. Whereas you can use the simple mode for as many words as you like.

PrePost SEO

After uploading the content, you can simply press paraphrase. Here’s what you see next:

PrePost SEO Review

While this is quite convenient for short-form content, it’s not exactly ideal for long-form texts. Why is that? Because you don’t want to peruse each word in a 3000-word blog and paraphrase it manually.

However, you can simply press Next to accept all the suggested changes by default.


  • Speed: 7/10
  • Paraphrasing Quality: 8/10
  • Convenience: 6/10

·         PrePostSEO

PrePostSEO keeps it simple compared to its counterpart. Instead of relying on changing each word manually, you can simply pick a content tone out of the three and let the tool rephrase it.

PrePostSEO Review

Once done, here’s what you see. The changed words will be underlined in yellow, while the text will be in bold. Now, you can click on each one to change it manually as well. However, the default changes made by this rephraser are very natural. Therefore, it may not require changing at all.


  • Speed: 8/10
  • Paraphrasing Quality: 9/10
  • Convenience: 8/10

Final Thoughts: Which Is Better?

Both of these tools hold their own, and it’s challenging to decide which one is better. However, comparing the plagiarism checker’s result, it’s clear that PrePostSEO has just a slight edge over Check-Plagiarism. However, it will all come down to which one you think is the best for you.


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