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In today’s era, writing grammatically correct and well-organized content has become so much easy than has ever been before.

You don’t need to understand all those structures and everything about grammar to write an accurate text.

Although, you should have proper knowhow of what fits best and what does not. There are numerous tools available online that one can use to make their content free from grammar errors, sentence structures, spelling errors, and whatnot. You must use them wisely while writing to get the maximum benefits out of them.

n this article, we will be comparing the two most used and popular paraphrasing tools of all time. These tools are used worldwide to write smart content which creates a positive impact on readers’ minds. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

The is one of the best paraphrasing tools that can be used to paraphrase text with no grammatical errors and accurate sentence structure.

Besides this, it is easy to use so anyone can use it smartly. You can use it on Computers, PC, Laptops, and Mobile phones and so on.

This tool provides you incredible features like Article re-writer, plagiarism checker, grammar check, citation generator, and text summarizer as well. Isn’t it amazing to have all these features in a single tool?

One can use it to transform their writings into a professional piece of writing ignoring all the writing issues then and there. Let’s move on to our next tool then we’ll be comparing the features of both tools one by one. 


Quillbot is another most popular paraphrasing tool available online for free. It is a widely known tool. Students use it mostly to make their assignments even better by using different features of this tool. 

This tool not only paraphrases your content but also helps you have better and more presentable content. You’ll be finding unlimited synonyms, accurate sentence structure, and eliminating spelling errors in no time. This is why it is so many likes by people around the world.

Main Difference between and QuillBot:

Here, we will be having a head-to-head overview of both the paraphrasing tools. It will help you have a clear picture of which one is better. Let’s begin.

1.      User Interface:

First of all, if we talk about the User Interface of it has this cute pink and white color theme that is comforting to the eyes. It is very simple and unique. 

Furthermore, you’ll find a header at the top of the website that includes the logo at the top-left and all the features of this tool at the top-right. Vs Quillbot


The User Interface of Quillbot is quite captivating. It is a user-friendly website. It has numerous modes available to use. There is a proper section divided for performing actions.

Likely it has the header which has the same logo at the top-left and all the features are at the top-right in a row.

It is quite simple and easy to choose among whichever feature you want to use. You can see them on the website.

Quillbot Vs

2.      Grammar Check: grammar checker tool works quite simply. There is just this option of uploading a file you want to perform a function at.

Upload the file or just paste the content you need to verify. Click the button and you’ll see the results. Believe me, it is that simple and easy. 

Paraphraser Grammar check


Whereas, the Quillbot also works best for grammar check and improving the text of your content. It provides you with numerous options available for sentence structures as well.

It is the best SEO-performing tool that never lets you confuse but provide every possible option.

Quillbot Grammar Check

3.      Paraphrasing Tool: provides you with decent paraphrasing features that include the following features;

  1. Language selection in which you want to rephrase your text or content. 
  2. The two modes include the Word Changer Mode and the Creative mode.
  • Word Changer Mode only lets you change the words with synonyms and paraphrase them.
  • Creative mode allows you to rephrase your content into creative writings.


On the other hand, the Quillbot paraphrasing tool is loaded with different modes. You can use the most appropriate and likely option for your text according to your preference.

This is the area for which it is used best. A very useful, user-friendly, and appropriate feature that allows you to paraphrase anything in the best possible way.

It has these amazing modes which include the following;

  1. Standard Mode for standard and basic paraphrasing.
  2. Fluency mode for the more fluent results for your content.
  3. Creative Mode for creative people where they can enhance their creative writing skills.
  4. Creative+ Mode for advanced level creativity.
  5. Formal Mode for formal writing.
  6. Shorten and Expand mode to decrease or increase the word limits and length of the sentences quite easily.
Quillbot Vs Paraphraser

4.      Citation Generator: has this incredible feature of generating citations and is capable of providing you with accurate citations for all your research work and reports. It is quite simple to use this feature. Here are some easy steps to follow;

  1. Firstly, enter the URL of the website in the required tab.
  2. Now, you’ll need to enter the Author’s First name and Author’s Last name. Make sure you write it correctly.
  3. Then, enter the Publisher below that you’ll find the Publication Title and Publication Date. Add them accurately.
  4. Now, click the ‘Create Citation’ button and you’ll have the results. Vs Quillbot


QuillBot is known to be a professional tool used by so many writers, teachers, researchers, and so on. The Citation Generator of the Quillbot allows you to generate the most accurate citations for your content.

It follows almost a similar process of generating citations like But there’s an extra feature present here of choosing your required citation style from the available options.

You can select from the three of the below-mentioned citation style if you’re using this tool;

  1. American Psychological Association (APA)
  2. Modern Language Association (MLA)
  3. Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago)
Quillbot Review

5.      Customer Support: does not have such a mechanism that works quickly for users to resolve the queries. There is only a number provided which can be used to contact them. Also, there is an email available so that users can contact them through that.

Besides that, there is no address mentioned to guide their users, which means people won’t be able to have friendly customer support if they get stuck in functioning any of their tools.

I believe it is really important to provide such facility and feature with all the tools available there so that one can rely on the tools they use. They’ll know this thing that if they get such somewhere somebody is there to resolve the issue. I think it is quite a drawback for and would be a big no-no for me. Vs Quillbot


Quillbot provides you an attentive call and chats support. It has proper customer support as they care about their user’s a lot and value their all queries.

They resolve all your complaints quickly. They respond to the complaints of their valuable user’s a lot and consider all their queries. 

You can also have your queries resolved by going through their FAQ page and blogs in which some of the most common queries are resolved. So you don’t have to wait longer and without any interruption, you can continue your work.

Quillbot Vs

6.      Premium Vs Free Version: is a completely free tool to use anytime, anywhere which is a great advantage for them. There are numerous paraphrasing tools available that charge a lot to their users and provide nothing. One can smartly use this tool without spending any penny.

It is quite commendable to have such a website for your writing purposes that won’t require you to pay for accessing anything.


You can use the free version of Quillbot which has access to everything you’ll need as a student or as a writer.

But if you’re someone professional and want your writings, reports, and study to be high quality and well-organized. Then I’ll suggest having the Quillbots Premium version.

As in the free version, you’ll get limited options for each tool you use may it be paraphrasing, grammar check, or any other feature. The number of rewrites is also limited in the free version.

Whereas, If you’ll get a subscription to the premium one you can use unlimited options, you’ll have unlimited access to vocabulary and all the modes available on this website.

If we talk about the annual membership, it costs around $80. They also provide you with this amazing facility of having your money back after three days if you’re not satisfied with the tools somehow.

Quillbot Pricing

Comparison Table

Word limit500/1000125/undefined
Other toolsYesYes
AI ModeYesYes Vs Quillbot – Conclusion:

To conclude this article, I would say that and Quillbot both have incredible yet amazing features.

All the tools are mostly similar and perform the same actions. By comparing both the websites head-to-head I’ve come to the conclusion that Quillbot is way better than

In terms of so many things and enhanced features, Quillbot is better and has leverage over It is a more professional tool to follow and can be used by anyone significantly skillfully.

I hope you agree with me as I find it more feasible and accessible in whichever writing you want.

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