McAfee Vs Norton

McAfee Vs Norton | Full Antivirus Comparison (2021)

Are you in search for the best antivirus software in the market? Making a choice between Avast and McAfee is difficult? No need to worry anymore. The McAfee and Norton are most popular antivirus software. They are the most used antivirus software in the world.  Making the choice between them is quite tough. “McAfee Vs Norton” is the comparison made between the key features of the two antiviruses.

There are many methods to judge the performance of the antivirus software. Here you will get the details for the best guide to choose between McAfee and Avast. This “McAfee Vs Norton” comparison guide is a useful guide for the people who wants to choose between the two. It will help you to make the choice easy.

If the system gets affected by the malware or threats the personal details and other files are at risk. The security of the system is the biggest concern. In this modern world of dark internet forces, it is very important to keep the system secured from any uneven activity.

The comparison in this blog will be based on the following 5 abilities,

  1. Virus Detection
  2. Features
  3. Software Usability
  4. Customer Support
  5. Pricing

Without further ado let’s continue!

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McAfee Vs Norton – Virus Detection

If we talk about McAfee then it does not really help us out in performing very well. It gets failed in performing in the PC Mark 8 test. This is the most important test that helps to analyze the efficiency of different electronic devices like from tablets to desktops. Moreover, McAfee did not pass one more test that is known as Handbrake test. This test requires 3.8GB MKV HD file to be converted into Handbrake’s Android table preset. McAfee does not always help in finding out and removing deep routed viruses in a system. McAfee’s security detection system does not perform effectively in removing the virus from the PCs. It must be noted that McAfee performs very well in securing the online identities and passwords.

McAfee Vs Norton

Norton is a sort of program that performs very well in PC Mark 8 test. It does not get failed in scanning the viruses, threats and attacks from tablets to laptops. When it comes to the Handbrake test, Norton performs very well in this stage too than McAfee and successfully converts 3.8GB MKV HD file into Handbrake’s Android tablet preset. Norton has the ability to detect and take out the deep routed viruses and threats from a system effectively and automatically while when it comes to the topic of securing personal identities and passwords, it comes with its own system that is known as “Identity Safe” and helps extraordinarily like McAfee to secure all its targets in the suitable and smart way.

McAfee Vs Norton

The winner is Norton

McAfee Vs Norton – Features

McAfee comes with many features like True Key Password and Identity Manager. It must be noted that these features are applicable to your 10 devices only.  It also comes with many other features that make it a good offer for the users like file shredder, live safe file encryption, third party application update manager, extra downloads etc. McAfee does not come with cloud backup feature like Norton. It also comes with content filters, biometric login, password locker, secure auto-login, full synchronization, child activity log, malicious app protection, app privacy protection, and memory clean up, app lock, screen-time management and safe search filters.

Norton comes with a relaxing feature that is known as “Safe Web”. This feature is able to detect and target the malicious and spyware link that are found on the walls of Facebook profiles. This helps in saving the system from webcam hijacking. Thanks to the Norton for this lovely feature. It also comes with other features like 25GB of cloud backup, password manager, file cleanup, disk optimizer, sneak peek, startup manager etc. It is also helpful in locating the stolen PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Plus, it must be noted that it does not come with encryption vault as a component of its valuable suite.

The winner is McAfee

McAfee Vs Norton – Software Usability

McAfee’s interface is not so user friendly like Norton. It is little bit difficult in operating its control panel but not much. When it comes to McAfee, it does not update a system on regular basis which actually makes this software little lazy and slow in terms of finding and removing the viruses and threats. If we take about its updating scenario, it updates automatically and unnoticeably and it does not harm a system like slowing it down or weakening it in terms of getting on and off automatically, etc. McAfee can be proved a trouble maker, like it does not terminate or remove the traces of viruses and threats completely from the system that makes it less trustable and preferable.

McAfee Vs Norton
McAfee Vs Norton

Norton comes with user friendlier interface than McAfee. It provides ultimate security to mobile phones and enables them to create a simple control panel that can be easily used by the users. Norton even comes with one more feature to attract its viewers that is known as Norton Pulse. It helps to update virus filled databases in every 5 to 15 minutes. If you are having slow internet connection in your area then you must suffer with some frustration or you may find it’s working slowly but overall, it really fights with dangerous viruses and serious threats on your system. Norton provides best chat protection and IM controls to the system. Plus, it provides parental control as well like you can control your child’s activity to the unfavorable sites.

McAfee Vs Norton
McAfee Vs Norton

The winner is Norton

McAfee Vs Norton – Pricing

We will see a different when we talk about one device and multiple devices. McAfee offers complete protection to one device for $24.99 through its “Total Protection Package”.

If we talk about multiple licenses, we will automatically see that McAfee offers something great like $39.99 for 5 licenses.

Plus, McAfee charges only $44.99 for 10 devices.

McAfee wins in the race of providing license to multiple devices.

McAfee provides proper and stress free discount when it comes to Total Protection package.

McAfee Total Protection is of $44.99/year

McAfee LiveSafe is of $99/year

McAfee Vs Norton

Norton compromises its prices for 1 license with only $19.99 and $39.99 for 1 device. This step by Norton makes it cheaper than McAfee.

But if we talk about the case of multiple licenses then we will find that Norton charges $49.99 for 5 licenses.

Moreover, Norton charges $54.99 for 10 devices.

Norton wins in the race of giving license to 1 device.

Norton Antivirus Plus is of $39.99/year

Norton 360 Standard is of $49.99/year

Norton 360 Deluxe is of $59.99/year

Norton 360 Deluxe+LifeLock Select is of $99.99/year

McAfee Vs Norton

The winner is McAfee

McAfee Vs Norton – Customer Support

McAfee provides customer support via phone call, email and chat. They help 24/7 to their clients. With addition to it, McAfee antivirus users are provided support through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It is important to know that the Official Support Site of McAfee is very helpful and provides complete assistance. It also allows to easily looking for the information easily that you would like to find as it offers a “Virtual Assistant” for guided solutions. You can also look for the information in knowledge based FAQs and community forums.

McAfee Vs Norton

Norton provides customer support through email and phone call. It provides proper and informative technical support to its customers via live chat as well that is available for 24/7. Norton also comes with a helpful Support Page with manuals, FAQs, community forms and other product and services related information. It should be noted that it does not provide “Virtual Assistant” support and support via social media channels to its viewers like McAfee.

McAfee Vs Norton

The winner is McAfee

Final Thoughts

It is to be noted that McAfee got top rates than Norton in Customer Support, Features and Pricing while Norton took high rates in Software Usability and Virus Detection. It must be noted that both McAfee and Norton are important. Both antiviruses have their own importance and specialties in the market and for their respective users according to the budget, security reasons, security expectations and nature of the customer’s plan in the market. But we need to announce the winner in today’s discussion of “McAfee Vs Norton” and the winner is “McAfee”. McAfee is a suitable option for those users who do not have a lot of budget and they want moderate level security from viruses, spywares, malwares, serious threats and attacks.

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