Get Grammarly for Gmail | Why Is Grammarly Not Working in Gmail?

(Last updated: 02nd December 2021)

This guide will be useful if you want to activate Grammarly on Gmail using Browser or a smartphone device. Grammarly for Gmail would be a Chrome plugin that allows you to compose error-free emails. Grammarly may be turned on in Gmail regardless of whether users use a basic or premium version.

Grammarly is an essential tool nowadays to make sure that the words written are seamless and attract your clients.

Grammarly corrects grammatical mistakes as well as phrasing, active/passive voice, and other issues. Other than that, writers might maintain a consistent tone across the section to making it easier to understand.  If you’re young writing several works or an office worker producing a lot of articles Grammarly can help you eliminate errors in your creating.

Grammarly may be utilized in a variety of ways, regardless of whatever web you’re working on. While running Grammarly on Gmail, users may not see the identical user experience, options, or Grammarly symbol as you would on certain websites. As a result, you may believe Grammarly isn’t functioning in Gmail. But, that’s not the case, since the Grammarly Gmail connection may be used without issue.

How to Enable Grammarly for Gmail

Perform these instructions to set up Grammarly for Gmail and start using it: 

  • Using any tab, go to Gmail and sign in.
  • In Chrome, select the Grammarly plugin symbol.
  • For using Grammarly with Gmail, log into the existing Grammarly profile.
  • In such a Gmail message, clicking mostly on red highlighted content.
  • Locate and correct the problem.

To begin, visit Gmail on the browser then ensure that the Grammarly extensions were enabled in Chrome or another browser. If you don’t already have it, you may get the Grammarly on Gmail plugin from the link provided below:

Enable Grammarly in Gmail

After selecting on Grammarly symbol, input personal passwords to log in to your Grammarly accounts. After then, Grammarly begins reading your content as you type and highlights any problems. You may select from each one to recognize the mistake and begin correcting it. It’s also feasible to be using Grammarly with Gmail on both Android and iOS, due to all the Grammarly keyboard applications.

Grammarly for Gmail

How do you activate Grammarly on Gmail with your Android or IOS?

Complete the instructions given to activate Grammarly on Gmail:

  • Login to their Grammarly application then access your accounts.
  • Activate Grammarly by tapping on Add Grammarly Keypad option.
  • Click the keyboard button in the Gmail application.
  • To activate Grammarly on Gmail, select this from the drop-down menu.
  • Begin writing your email letter.
  • Locate all of the red-underlined mistakes.
  • To detect and correct your errors, click the Grammarly symbol.

Tips to Use Grammarly on Gmail to Improve Your Writing

Several of the spelling and grammar applications within digital grammatical checking come for free memberships, while others demand a nominal membership charge. Except as otherwise stated, all of the capabilities in this area qualify for a free Grammarly membership.

Grammarly for Gmail

Grammar Applications for Free on the Internet

To begin, go to Gmail and select the “Compose” option. In the “to” box, users can enter their email account. Write anything in the text that will cause a spell-checking mistake. For example, we might put as inbox the “I installe latest technolgy.” There must be 2 mistakes as a result of all this. There should be 2 mistakes as a result of all this.

Without any intervention, the “installe” will be instantly rectified to “installed.” Then, under “technolgy,” we would notice a red border inquiring if you meant to enter “technology.” Clicking anywhere in the text to modify it. That question has been being asked by a Grammarly display, which you can answer by selecting the corrected phrase, “software.”

Verifying subject-verb alignment is an element of the grammatical check.  There’ll be underlining below the word “was” in the statement if indeed the body tells “The apples was ripe.” Grammarly would recommend that you change the word to “were” if you clicking upon that.

Grammarly will promptly notify users if they mistakenly end a query with a comma by marking a comma. Whenever users click on the button, Grammarly will tell you that you do have a punctuation problem that needs to be fixed.

Identification of Grammar Issues in your Gmail Context

Grammarly is a revising tool in addition to being the greatest large-scale online spelling and grammar checker. All of this helps or encourages summaries, paraphrases, parallelism, greater concept linking, and the construction of longer phrases.

There’ll be red underlining below the word in which the option ‘’ ’Sciantistis’’ in the statement if indeed the body tells ‘’Sciantistis discovered a substance that could prove that there is life on Venus.’’ Grammarly would recommend that you change the word to “Scientists” if you clicking upon that.

Grammarly for Gmail

When they first launch Grammarly, we are greeted with a category-organized menu of options. As you move down the ranks, a blue dot indicates a need for clarification. Long-winded sentence suggestions must have a “Re sentence” label next to them if they are to be executed.

Enhance the Consistency of Your Writing using Grammarly

Grammarly detects the majority of errors and recommends strategies to improve your writing consistency. It’s incredibly accurate, and it exceeds most grammar and spell-checking software. It all depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. I’m not sure how well it detects plagiarism, since it can’t compare text to offline sources.

Grammarly is a revising tool as well as the most popular online spelling and grammar checker. Summarizing, paraphrasing, continuity, improved concept connection, and overall phrase construction are all supported and aided by it. After or during the writing of an article, Grammarly will recommend the usage of synonyms or alternative language to improve the context. It would also recommend that you rewrite the entire sentence and, if necessary, highlight sentences that are fragmented.

Can Grammarly Paraphrase

Grammarly gives you various sentence ideas to write your sentence in an appropriate and readable manner. Thus, Grammarly has an option to paraphrase.

Identification of Sentence Construction Issues

Another free function was its ongoing assessment of how well your phrases were constructed. Run-on phrases and unfinished or “fragment” phrases are examples of this. Premium systems allow for even more detailed structural deviations identification, such as insufficient or erroneous parallel structural use.

Final Word

Enabling Grammarly on Gmail was simple, even if you’re working on the Chrome, Mozilla, or Firefox browsers or the phone app. You won’t need to invest enough effort into this Grammarly Gmail connection because it was so simple.

Check out the video tutorial of “How to Enable Grammarly for Gmail”:

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