Bitdefender Vs Avast

Bitdefender Vs Avast | Full Antivirus Comparison (2021)

With the increase in the use of computers and the internet, there has been an increase in malware attacks too. According to an estimate, every third computer has been infected by malware at one time or another. There are round about 800 million types of viruses that can attack your device at any given moment. Malware attacks can put your privacy and data at risk and inhibit the performance of your computer, making it lag and not suitable for work. So ‘Bitdefender Vs Avast’ is the comparison made among the two top notch antiviruses and each element is thoroughly researched in this article.

In today’s day and age, we have everything from our personal information to our financial information stored on our devices like smartphones and computers. It is very easy for malware to attack your device and access the data on your device. Hence it is necessary to protect yourself and your data from these digital attacks but how can you do that? You need an outstanding antivirus that will protect your data and privacy from these malware attacks by viruses.

Avast and Bitdefender are the best antivirus program to opt for. They provide multilevel, comprehensive protection to your devices against all the advanced digital attacks but still, you might be asking which one is better? Don’t worry I will answer your question in this article.   

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The comparison in this blog will be based on the following 5 abilities,

  1. Virus Detection
  2. Features
  3. Software Usability
  4. Customer Support
  5. Pricing

Without further ado let’s continue!

Bitdefender Vs Avast – Virus Detection and Protection

A software antivirus program should efficiently defend your computer if it fails to do this then all of its features and extra tools are of no use. As stated earlier both Avast and Bitdefender provide exceptional protection against malware attacks but to see which one is better we need to consider some tests conducted by reputed organizations.

According to The Real-World Protection Test, conducted by in July 2019, in comparison “Bitdefender Vs Avast”, Bitdefender performed excellently and received the ADVANCED+ award. This is the highest award given by AV-Comparatives. Avast received the second-best award which is called an ADVANCED award.

Now let’s observe test results from In their protection test, Bitdefender scored a perfect 6/6.

The average influence of Bitdefender on your computer performance is demonstrated below. Bitdefender scored 6/6 in this test too.

Avast did not fall behind in these tests and also scored 6/6. Avast test results:

The average influence of Avast antivirus on your computer speed is illustrated below. Avast scored 5.5/6 on this test while Bitdefender got 6/6.

The result of Bitdefender software usability test is given below.

Bitdefender Vs Avast

Winner: Bitdefender

All in all both Avast and Bitdefender provide excellent protection with their advanced feature. Both of them provide enhanced protection to your data and computer however Bitdefender is just a tad bit better according to the test results of AV-Comparatives so it is the winner of the protection category.  

Bitdefender Vs Avast – Features

Bitdefender has a comprehensive range of features that increase as the price of the planned increase. The free edition of Bitdefender provides decent protection and additional features. Bitdefender provides Full-blown protection against all kinds of malware protection. It also provides access to the password manager, file shredder, limited use VPN, anti-Fraud module and vulnerability scanner. The password manager is a very useful feature as it keeps all of your information safe from attacks. It stores the password, credit card, and other finance-related information and auto-fills them in your browser. Vulnerability scanner provides extra protection as it detects the security system and fixes them.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 provides various additional features of a two-way firewall, Fire Vault Feature, Vulnerability Checker, Parental Control module, Webcam Shield and Microphone Monitor. Webcam and Microphone Monitor lets you control what applications are connecting to your microphone. Bitdefender Total Security 2020 further provides optimization tools such as OneClick Optimizer, Disk and Startup Optimizer, etc and anti-theft module with all the above features. The anti-theft feature can help you in finding the stolen devices

Bitdefender offers good security features. It provides multi-layer ransomware protection which helps your device against all sorts of ransomware malware. It also provides a data-protection layer and constant security of important documents. Another attractive feature of Bitdefender is Rescue Mode which saves the device from most advanced malware like rootkits. Rootkit malware is nearly impossible to remove but the Rescue Mode feature allows you to Boot your device and remove rootkit successfully. In short, Bitdefender offers a good range of effective features at quite reasonable prices. The Bitdefender Performance according to AV Comparatives is shown below:


Avast is one of the most well-known antivirus programs since even the free version of Avast tons of features. It provides good protection and features like Wi-Fi Inspector, an unlimited password vault, Software update and eve a game mode. The free version of Avast can detect email and web-based threats and it can be used to eradicate malware and virus attacks. Avast Pro Antivirus has additional features like Comprehensive Protection, firewall, Real Site Features, and Sandbox features. The real site feature prevents hacking and helps the device in avoiding unsafe websites. Avast Sandbox allows the user to open questionable documents and applications in a secure mode so that viruses cannot enter from such documents. For Instance, you could open a suspicious torrent file in Sandbox without risking the safety of your device.

Bitdefender Vs Avast

Avast Premium provides additional features like Webcam Shield, Ransomware Shield, Wi-Fi Inspector, and Data Shredder. With the Avast Premium Security package, more features like clean-up premium tool, VPN tool, and premium password manager are added to already mentioned features. The cleanup tool scans and removes the cache and broken files so that your device works with maximum efficiency. Avast has its own special set of features that provide many-layered protection and various tools to optimize your device. It’s a great antivirus program with a lot of options to choose from.

Winner: Bitdefender

Avast Premium Security has a lot of attractive features like the cleanup tool, Sandbox, etc but Bitdefender has a more comprehensive and effective range of features that are very strategically spread in different packages. Hence Bitdefender is the winner of this category.

Bitdefender Vs Avast – Software Usability

Having a user-friendly interface is imperative for any software. A complicated interface can negatively affect the experience of a user and make them regret buying the antivirus software. If the interface of the software is functional and simple, then the user can go about their business instantly instead of wasting their time contacting customer service or some other person. It is extremely important for any software to have an interface that can be used by people of all age groups and walks of life. Let’s see if the interface of Avast is better or of Bitdefender.

Avast has an intuitive interface that allows easy access to scan features and dark mode. It uses a contrast of dark grey color and bright color to design the software antivirus. All basic features, like status, protection, privacy, and performance options, are easily accessible on the side panel and it can be clicked to access more features. Avast interface is very easy to use and access. However, the free version of this antivirus displays too many advertisements which can be annoying 

Bitdefender interface has a dark-coloured interface on the left side and a bright screen on the right side. The best thing about the interface of Bitdefender is that it offers a variety of features that can be accessed through a single click. The dark left panel offers the option of Dashboard, Protection, Privacy, and Utilities. The screen side gives access to a variety of features.

Bitdefender Vs Avast

Bitdefender interface has another advantage over Avast. It’s very easy to use however it can be customised to a more complex interface for veteran user hence it can be used by both casual and veteran users.

Bitdefender Vs Avast

Winner: Bitdefender

Overall both Avast and Bitdefender have intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and over the years both companies have improved the designs of their interface at a remarkable pace. However, the design of Bitdefender’s interface is slightly better. The interface of Avast free antivirus has frequent pop-up ads that can annoy the user while Bitdefender has no such annoying ads. Bitdefender can customize its interface to suit both casual and seasoned users. Hence Bitdefender is an obvious winner in this category.

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Check the video review for “Bitdefender Vs Avast”

Bitdefender Vs Avast – Customer Support    

Every software has customer support services that can assist the user in case of any issue or confusion. In case of any problem, the user can contact the customer support and get their queries answered. So In order to ensure that the user has an amazing experience, it is necessary to have a good customer service center. Having good customer service can also help antivirus software in building a reputation for excellent service which can really be a plus point in the market. Let’s see if Avast has better customer support or Avast.

Customer support of Avast can be accessed to learn and solve any problem regarding the software or online threat. The customer support of Avast is divided into 4 categories, which are Installation and activation, subscription & account, refund request, and Billings. You can also use the public forum of Avast which allows different people to interact and share information about various problems. The customer service of Avast has been praised by many. You can go to Avast’s official website to contact customer service too.

Source: Avast

Customer service support of Bitdefender allows customers to directly interact with it by providing features like live chat, open forums, email support, and even the ability to call. The team of customer support is ready to respond to any query at any time. Bitdefender responds to email inquiry in less than six hours and in case you need immediate assistance, you can just call the customer service support. The live chat is usually AI controlled but it can be transferred to a live agent anytime. Bitdefender also has how-to-videos and community forums. The articles and videos provided by customer support are a great help to new users and answer most of their questions. You can contact Bitdefender customer service 24 x 7.

Source: Bitdefender

Winner: Bitdefender

Both Avast and Bitdefender have excellent customer support services but Bitdefender wins this round as it provides advance 24/7 contact options like live chat that allows users to interact with experts to solve any issue related to the virus attack or the software.

Bitdefender Vs Avast – Pricing

Pricing plays a big role in determining which antivirus user will buy. After all, everyone wants good security at affordable rates. If a company will offer its product for cheap as compared to others but with the same quality, I’ll definitely affect its sales in a positive way. That’s why companies need to keep track of how much they are charging for their product as compared to their competitors.

You should also consider how many devices need protection and what type of protection you need along with price rates. Let’s look at Bitdefender and Avast packages and offers and decide which one is offering the best features at a reasonable price. 

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus costs $29.99 per year for 3 devices. Bitdefender Internet Security costs $39.98 per year for 3 devices. These services are only valid for Windows. Bitdefender Total Security costs $44.99 per year for 5 devices and Bitdefender Premium Security costs $74.99 per year for 10 devices. Bitdefender Total Security and Bitdefender Premium Security is compatible with Windows, Mac and Androids, etc Click here to go to Bitdefender website for more details

Bitdefender Vs Avast

Avast Internet security costs $59.99 per year for 1 PC only. Avast Premium Security $89.99 per year for up to 10 devices. Avast Ultimate for Windows costs $99.99 per year for one device. Avast Security for Mac costs $59.99 per Mac product per year.

Bitdefender Vs Avast
Bitdefender Vs Avast

Winner: Bitdefender

It is obvious that Bitdefender has reasonably priced offers that provides comprehensive protection and advance tools. Avast offers a very effective antivirus program for free but Premium Avast Packages are a bit expensive as compared to Bitdefender. So Bitdefender wins this category too.

Final Thoughts

Both Bitdefender and Avast are one of the most famous and effective antivirus programs in the market. Both antivirus programs have their own specialties and their regular user use them according to their own budget, security needs, customer service, and special tools, etc. Avast has many unique and functional features and often it is used by big corporations to protect its data because of its high-end protection and security. However according to my analysis, if we compare Bitdefender to Avast then Bitdefender is a better option.

Bitdefender provides exceptional malware protection and security along with other advanced tools and features. It passed most malware protection tests with a perfect score which is indeed amazing. It has excellent customer service support and reasonably priced offers. It is the best option to opt for if you are looking for a comprehensive security plan in a small budget.      

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